St Germain Cocktail

Sometimes you need a brunch cocktail that seems just a bit more elevated than a mimosa. That’s where the St Germain cocktail comes in.


You truly can’t go wrong serving it — everyone loves St Germain. Everyone loves sparkly wine. And, when you’re pressed for time or focused on cooking, it’s the simplest way to make refills self-sufficient.

I happen to have a St Germain carafe, which is meant for making this cocktail — I don’t even have to measure, I just fill to the lines. If you don’t have one of those, any pitcher or carafe will do.

St Germain cocktail

12 oz sparkling wine
12 oz soda water
6 oz St Germain

You can increase the recipe to fill a larger pitcher using the formula of 2 parts each sparkling wine and soda water to 1 part St Germain. If you’re feeling really fancy, garnish with fresh berries.

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