rhum j.m daiquiri

Ever since I saw this NY Times piece on where to travel to in 2016, I’ve had a hankering to go to the French Caribbean. Cheap direct flights from Boston to Martinique? Yes please.

While I save up my vacation days, I can escape the lingering Boston winter for a bit with a daiquiri made with Rhum J.M.

We have a Cambridge bartender to thank for this discovery. After chatting him up about cocktails and having a few delicious off-menu concoctions, he brought us this bottle to check out, served with a frothy, funky daiquiri.

Rhum J.M

Rum is a byproduct of sugar making — or rather, molasses is. Molasses was actually a waste product, until someone figured out you could actually ferment it instead.

Rhum (full name rhum agricole) is a bit different. It’s made mostly in the French Carribean islands like Haiti and Martinique, and is made with fresh sugarcane juice instead of molasses.

This bottle (Rhum J.M white rum) is quite unlike any Bacardi you’ve tried. It’s vegetal on the nose, with notes of fruit, banana and funk. It’s a little harsh to sip on its own, but makes an interesting mixed drink.

j.m rhum daiquiri
for 1 drink

2 oz. J.M Rhum white rum*
1 oz. fresh lime juice
1/2 oz. simple syrup
1 egg white

Shake, serve straight up.

*If you can’t find Rhum J.M just make a regular daiquiri. It will still taste good.


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